Wednesday, June 28, 2006


As crazy as summer can be, with kids out of school, vacations, and finding ways to escape the heat, I’ve found that it is a great time for spiritual refreshment. What could be better than taking advantage of a cool morning, while the kids sleep in? I’ve found it to be an inviting time for prayer, reflection, and journaling.

There are many wonderful sources out there, by famous and not-to-famous men and women. But today I want to focus some written by on one of my favorite authors, Tricia McCary Rhodes.

Besides being my precious friend and fellow writer, Tricia is a speaker, has been involved in missions, and is a prayer warrior for many (including me on occasion). Her passion for the Savior comes through on every page. Each time that I read one of her books I experience Christ in a new and deeper way.

Ask for the following titles at your local Christian bookstore.

The Soul at Rest: A Journey into Contemplative Prayer, Bethany House Publishers
This book takes readers on a journey into a deeper and more meaningful quiet time, incorporating the disciplines of meditating on and praying through Scripture, listening to God, and being still before Him. Long before I finished it, I recognized how much I gain from truly spending time with God instead of simply racing through prayer and Bible-reading likes one more thing on my chore list. If you are struggling to spend time with God, are seeking His answer in a situation or problem, or just want to take your prayer and devotions to a new level, pick up a copy of The Soul at Rest.

Contemplating the Cross: A 40-Day Pilgrimage of Prayer, W Publishing Group
Written long before the movie The Passion of the Christ, Tricia Rhodes’ second book focuses on Christ’s final hours, making His suffering and sacrifice heartbreakingly real. Though intended to be read during the season of Lent, I read it over a summer and found great benefit in taking my time through the chapters and Scriptures. By the end I had a new level of appreciation for all that Jesus endured for me. I recommend this book constantly!

Intimate Intercession: The Sacred Joy of Praying for Others, W Publishing Group
I remember sitting beside a weeping woman during a prayer time. Assuming that she was struggling with a major problem, I rested my hand on her back, hoping to comfort her. She sniffed and whispered, “I’m okay. I’m an intercessor. I always cry when I pray.” From that day on, the word “Intercessor” brought this woman to mind, along with the thought that being called as an intercessor must be pretty depression.

Tricia’s latest book showed me a whole new meaning of the word, reminding me that all Christians are called to intercede for others. It is not a depression “duty” but a wonderful privilege to go before the throne of God with the needs of our friends, family, and the world as a whole. She openly shares what God taught her, as she learned to pray through family problems, decisions, and devastating world events. I closed the book, awe-struck and excited about the power of prayer.

Each of these books, has a level of depth that I find lacking in many popular Christian titles. While I wouldn’t consider them quick reads (each includes a section when the reader is encouraged to stop, look up scripture, pray, reflect, and/or journal) they are well worth the time spent. Take your time through one this summer, and praise God for what you gain in the process.

Oh, I also want to mention the two other titles by Tricia McCary Rhodes—At the Name of Jesus, and Take up Your Cross (both were published by Bethany House). Though they are currently out of print, they are outstanding. You might be able to find copies on Amazon.

For more on Tricia, her books, and her ministry, visit her website at


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