Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I just finished the latest novel by author and friend Tricia Goyer. As I’ve said in the past, Tricia is one of the best when it comes to compelling historical fiction. Like her previous titles, Arms of Deliverance takes place during WWII and involves characters that you will care about from page one.

Weaving in the chilling issue of Nazis racial cleansing, Arms of Deliverance Follows Katrine, a Jewish woman desperate to pass as Aryan, Hendrick, the Nazis who lures her into his embrace in order to produce one more “perfect” offspring, and the fate of their unborn baby. On the other side of the Atlantic, reporters Mary and Lee prepare to cover the war for the New York Tribune. When Mary’s coverage of a bombing raid over Germany leads to plane wreck, Lee risks everything to rescue her. Suddenly they too are caught in whirlwind of war, their lives altered forever by a wounded American navigator, a brave nun, a sadistic Nazi, and a mysterious infant.

This is the fourth and final book in her WWII series. Since all of the novels involve different characters, there is no need to read her previous books before picking up Arms of Deliverance. However, I highly recommend all of them.

For more on Tricia Goyer and her books, visit
http://www.triciagoyer.com/ and http://www.triciagoyer.blogspot.com/


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Wow, That sounds like a great book! I'll definitely put it on my list.

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