Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Marriage for OUR Generation

Yes, I know, it has been ages since I posted anything on this blog. Life has been crazy. But I have had time to read some great books, including Tricia Goyer’s Generation NeXt Marriage: The Couple’s Guide to Keeping it Together—a marriage book especially for Gen Xers. You may be wondering, who falls under the category of Gen X? Take this quiz to find out if it includes you.

True or False: It bother you that “oldies” radio stations play songs from the ’80.

When you hear songs by Journey, REO Speedwagon, Duran Duran, The Thompson Twins, and Pat Benatar in the grocery store, you . . .
A) Have no idea who is singing
B) Assume you are hearing a new (and rather annoying) song
C) Have flashbacks to your junior prom
D) Fight the urge to sing along
E) Either C or D

As a teen, your morning routine required at least 30 minutes dedicated to:
A) Working out
B) Your quiet time
C) Cramming for that day’s test
D) Increasing the height of your bangs

At least one adult compared your favorite earrings to:
A) Delicate jewels
B) Just like Grandma’s
C) Something a heathen would wear
D) Fishing lures

You knew one or more guys in high school who (choose at least 3):
o Burned his AC/DC albums in junior high because if you played them backwards you could hear satanic lyrics
o Wore eye liner
o Had spiked hair (at least 4 inches high, preferably dyed)
o Made fun of the “punkers” and “wavers” with the eye liner and spiked hair
o Had a Mohawk
o Belted out the lyrics to a certain Journey song whenever he passed a girl named Sherry

You can admit to owning at least 2 of the following items as a teen:
o Legwarmers (in various colors)
o A Velcro wallet
o A Gunne Sax dress
o An Esprit sweatshirt (with the word ESPRIT proudly plastered across your chest)
o The soundtrack to Flashdance, Pretty in Pink, Purple Rain, and/or The Breakfast Club
o Candies sneakers
o A Swatch Watch
o Several issues of Tiger Beat magazine

True or False: You couldn’t understand why John Houghs movies never received Oscar nods

Post the answers as comments please!

Now, on to Tricia’s book. If the above quiz brought back memories then you are a Gen Xer. Be proud as you recall those hideous hairstyles and eye shadow shades! Chances are, you have grown up (although hearing the B52s will always make you want to dance—“Down . . . down . . . down . . . “). Now you are the mom or dad screening music lyrics and saying things like, “You are not leaving the house looking like THAT.” Instead of singing “White Wedding” you have a photo album filled with pictures of your own big day. Your dreams of what marriage would be like have either been surpassed, dashed, or a little of both.

In fact, Tricia has an entire chapter dedicated to “Dealing with Unexpected Expectation in the Reality of Marriage.” Boy could I relate to that one. When my husband Norm and I got engaged, I imagined many things that didn’t happen. Was I disappointed? Sometimes. But I have a feeling that Norm had some unfulfilled expectations as well. Generation NeXt Marriage gave me some great insight into how to handle those unrealistic expectations (because we never stop having them). That’s actually an area where I decided to do some work, using Tricia’s tips. She also tackles issues like dealing with our past (face it, we can all list things we aren’t proud of—and I’m not just talking about that pokatot poofy skirt or the old diary that expressed your secret desire to be Debbie Gibson), Intimacy, and “Taking Care of You.”

Written from the experiences (good and not-so-pretty) of one Gen Xer to another, the book weaves in relatable stories, trivia, biblical principles, and tips that both men and women can draw from. Oh, and like in Generation NeXt Parenting, she includes comments from everyday people—including me and Norm!

For more on this great book, check out these links:
Book excerpt: http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001DZmodJgjD-f_lwgt6DJ23jPPQqN5k_NS-J4T0OQhiOThnwXnpFZKg6ZOAWH5tyNFMomLfjSkyiGJ2tU8mJ5mwEEsY5mQufWu_ZXLDX0p1ARdF4o3LXP02haYSPXDT6p_5TO23II_YvioY0KB6U0k_hP4f2Ws_duaJoLf2yvyVzQ=

What people are saying about Generation NeXt Marriage: http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001DZmodJgjD-fh_K5v0aVHuA7ueoC6ZUQFWYnCEHQDwjv9FjvHqVS9e19aqY_RPGK8T3fkcmulFnBvKzISSZKtz2m_uzFtwpMqjAObFFv592G8kTCoSH1q1v2dtU6caumVRRlJ1AzcoLL3A7-4I9k2IkBYJIdJ6fg2R7XrC2yyr-tVPsFGyhZwvLqly_SiCH67EHdv6pZ3JNqsX7w3eT1bN7-upGsHstI3jBNYc47RIO5STtlWEWdn6bYX_BwgL5ee

Buy the book: http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001DZmodJgjD-dZtcX4UPPOh5bYBtC6en7CeskIr2cOEfNGOtJffPqtxyHO3j6kDzuKP6kGAx4o2t5lYd0rGNEb1IJdXv-lOTttpY-j69fBpiA_0oZTa7ffH7h10Zm8MMyua7s4P1TDITy6dcEoikrn9SaP6ptO1fqSV85vp7lJVlJ4AUe7wf0wWObNH8LVOUt1WkscDL-mvYMFX4FUwHoJco12tUjHwzRK

Tricia's website: http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001DZmodJgjD-f8e0vfhmQp7A0Ji7SK17Q44sb9d54g-MRmdtw_ljyHWL19JmOPn17hXTdcBl6ZFh75FK47ZOn9NrFi5Mm4wwcYoC0xXDXszhtRB3yRWc5xog==


Blogger Jenni Saake said...

Glad to see you back in the blog world. I'll hopefully have a chance to call you later this week. :)

8:12 PM  
Blogger Tricia Goyer said...

Ooh...can I play too?

all but the dress ")

Great quiz. Can I post this on my blog too?

Thanks so much for joining the tour and for going above and beyond! You rock!

Blessings to you,

1:05 PM  
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