Monday, February 26, 2007

How Far would You Go to Hang onto Someone?
What if that Someone was Your Husband?

Laid back beach lover Bri Stone is living her dream life, in a house by the ocean with Douglas, the love of her life, a great teenage son, and a fun job as a tour bus driver. When life gets stressful she has her best friend Gaby, who is always eager to join her for a wallowing season of brownies on the beach. What more could she ask for?

Nothing really—until Bri’s know-it-all friend Kate suggests that Douglas is “bored” with their kick-back lifestyle and her meddling mother-in-law drives Bri’s doubt in deeper with hints that she trade the beech house for something more suited to Douglas’s upscale upbringing. When Bri sees signs that Douglas’s affections might be focused on something (or someone) other than her, she sets out to reinvent herself, renovating everything from her house, to her hair, to her cooking habits. Will her efforts be enough to hold onto the husband she loves, or will they lead her to an undertow?

If you’re in the mood for a fun story to warm up a winter day, grab some chocolate and snuggled up with Chocolate Beach, the debut novel from my friend and fellow Mount Hermon veteran Julie Carobini. Julie introduces the reading world to a sassy but real and relatable woman—one who I loved as is, but enjoyed watching grow, while hoping she wouldn’t change too much.

Before picking up a copy of Chocolate Beach at your local bookstore, take a moment to get to know the author a little.

What inspired you to write Chocolate Beach?

First, I wanted to write a book set in one of my favorite locales—the California coast. Then I began to think about relationships, and how people often marry their opposites. What happens to them down the road? How do they deal with their differences? Are they still charmed by each other, or bugged? In Chocolate Beach, Bri Stone has always found solace in chocolate and the beach, but will these things get her through when she faces serious questions about her marriage?

When will Chocolate Beach release?

The official release date was February 2007, but it actually made it into readers’ hands in January. Exciting times for a newbie author!
Are there any new projects on the horizon?
Yes! Watch for A Curious Thing about Seashells (working title) in Summer 2008. It’s the story of Bri’s best friend, Gaby Flores. See my website for more info:

Do you prefer to write contemporary chick-lit fiction?

Yes! I read all sorts of genres, but found my voice in Chick-lit. It’s sassy and fun, and allows me to tell stories of life’s challenges in an entertaining way.

Who are your readers?

My readers are the “young at heart.” Mostly women, they are aware of current trends and technology, yet they like to giggle through a good story. They also love to bond with other women over a hot cup of coffee or tea, and of course, designer chocolates!

What are some of the challenges you face as an author?

It can be so tough to find unobstructed time to actually write when there are so many other things vying for my attention: proposing new books, marketing current ones, writing articles, and most especially, caring for my family of five.

How do you keep your sanity in our run, run world?

Actually? I’m often overwhelmed. I must pray a lot—and God always steps in
Attending a regular Bible study helps too, because it keeps me focused on what God thinks about my busy life! I also jog on the beach, take a spinning class, and drink (too much) coffee.

What advice would you give to a person trying to become a fiction writer?

I address this on my new website. First, find every opportunity to read. Next, make sure you actually enjoy the process of writing before investing your life into it. Finally, get help. Go to writer’s conferences and watch how the experts do it; make friends at those conferences, the kind who will cheer you on in the days ahead (and who you can cheer along too!); and invest in yearly guides such as Sally Stuart’s Christian Writers’ Market Guide


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Way to go, Julie! Nice interview.

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Thanks for having me, Jeanette! And hi damselfly :)

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Julie is the best ... then again, so is Jeanette!

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