Saturday, September 23, 2006


Pick up Staci Stallings’ novel Cowboy, Book One of the Harmony Series.

Five years after the tragic death of her husband, Beth is struggling to raise her little girl on a waitress’s paycheck. At the same time, country superstar Ashton Raines fights to hold onto his image and his sanity as he goes on with his public career only months after losing his wife to cancer.

When Beth offers a listening ear to a distraught young man, during a late-night shift at the diner, she has no idea that she is comforting the one and only Ashton Raines. That night they are simply two people who understand the searing pain of loss. He introduces himself as Timothy, Beth slips him her phone number “if you ever need to talk,” and soon both are slept up in a phone friendship, and eventually unexpected love. But will it last when Beth discovers who Timothy really is? After so much loss on both sides, can either risk loving again, especially when it means one of them making a sacrifice?

Cowboy is a sweet, refreshing romance, involving characters that I immediately cared about. Though the author flip-flops between Beth’s and Ashton’s point-of-view more often than is typical (sometimes switching back and forth several times on one page) I had no problem following the story. I felt Beth’s confusion and Ashton’s grief, as both fought the love that so obviously needed to blossom.

This is a great choice if you are a fan of old fashion romance!

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Hey, everyone! Just thought you might like to know that you can read the first three chapters of "Cowboy" for free. Hop on over to:

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