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I am thrilled to feature a long-awaited novel for girls aged 10-14, written by my precious friend, prayer partner, and mentor Ethel Herr. For years I have heard of Ethel’s love and admiration for a 16th-century countess named Juliana von Stolberg. In Dr. Oma: the Healing Wisdom of Juliana von Stolberg, she brings this incredible woman to life.

Juliana is known as the Queen Mother of the Netherlands, cherished for her wisdom and healing ability. When her granddaughter Maria comes to live with her, during Holland’s fight for freedom from Spain, Juliana passes on her herbal healing secrets to this eager young apprentice. More importantly, Juliana teaches young Maria about faith, through her love for the then illegal Protestant Bible, her strength in tragedy, and her care for her family—including the child of Maria’s step-mother Mad Anna. Maria must learn to apply her Oma’s teaching to “Trust God with everything,” as her father and uncles march off to fight and the world seems to fall apart around her.

Ethel does a wonderful job of drawing the reader into the 16th-century, through two woman who, though they lived long ago, are endearing and real. The book includes historical notes, and some background on how and why she chose to write Juliana’s story.

Here is what Ethel said, when I asked what she hopes readers will take away from Dr. Oma. “If there's one thing I want them to take away, it would be this: when we trust God with everything and follow the pathway He lays out for us, we, too, can change our world in some way that no one else could ever do. Don't despise the role God has given you. Thank Him for it, trust Him to show you how to fill it, then go do it with gusto and gratitude to Him!”

Dr. Oma is published by P&R Publishing, as part of their Chosen Daughters series, and can be found through your local Christian book store. It would be a great choice for . . .

Girls who enjoy reading about life in other countries and time periods
Mothers and daughters to read together
Teacher who are looking for a unique story to share with their class
Kids doing book reports
Women who still can’t help reading a good children’s or young adult novel once in awhile (like me).

Other books by Ethel Herr include the Seekers Series, which also takes place in 16th-Century Holland and includes The Dove and the Rose, the Maiden’s Sword, and The Citadel and the Lamb (published by Bethany House and aimed at adults, though teens would enjoy it too).

If you are looking for a devotional filled with depth and passion for God, read her book, Lord, Show Me Your Glory, published by Christian Publications Inc.

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