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Becky Miller dreams of doing “big things for God.” That’s pretty challenging with three kids and a husband in a job crisis. Her fantasies of life as a Mother-Teresa-like missionary, an archeologist on a dangerous underwater expedition, a member of the Fearless Faith Singers, or the mother of twelve homeschooled professional recording artists are too often interrupted by her baby’s ear infections, the needs of her friends, and financial stress. When she is chosen as the subject of a Women of Vision magazine article she is sure that her day has come to shine as Supermom, leader of her church’s women’s ministries, and supportive wife and friend. If this is her moment then why does life begin to fall apart, forcing her to be served instead of serving, to receive instead of giving, to fight for the survival of her ordinary family when she dreams of being seen as extraordinary? When she faces the challenge of her life, will it mean the end of her dreams, or help her to see what God really desires from her?

The Secret Life of Becky Miller is the first novel by Sharon Hinck. I read it when I desperately needed something light and fun. I shook with laughter over Becky’s over-the-top fantasies. But the great surprise came in the connection that I felt to Becky’s everyday life, her drive to do it all, meet needs without revealing any of her own, and to be anything but an “ordinary mom.” My laughter melted into tears as I learned, along with Becky, what it really means to “make a difference.”

This book will appeal to any woman who has feared being seen as ordinary, particularly moms, caught in the daily circus of imperfect kids, unpaid bills, and major disappointments, while surrounded by friends who seem to have it all together.

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