Friday, March 27, 2009

Are You Walking Through a Valley

I just opened the mail box and received a copy of Jerry Beaver's debut book, Walking Through the Valleys of Life, based on Psalm 23. I had the pleasure of editing this book so it's special to me. But I would enjoy it even if I hadn't had a part in watching it take shape. Here is a little summery from the author:

"This book is based on the well-known Twenty-third Psalm, written about the life of the Shepherd and His sheep. Walking Through the Valleys of Life is geared for the Christian struggling in a trial and long valley. There are practical and scriptural insights throughout the book, leading readers to keep looking to the Lord and His perfect will in their dark times. Supplemental study guides are included, so that readers can study further in depth and journal their personal application. These study supplements are also outlines that a pastor can teach from during Wednesday night prayer meetings or can use for Sunday school lessons. Once a book is purchased, a link will be provided to download the study guides so that one can customize them to their own preaching style. The book has been professionally edited and designed. All Scriptures are taken out of the King James Bible. Walking Through the Valleys of Life is now available for purchase. I invite you to go to the website, and take a look inside the book, and consider making this book a part of your resources."

Walking Through the Valleys of Life is for anyone who needs a reminder that we don't face trials alone.


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