Saturday, March 20, 2010

Taking My Own Advice

I was a day late posting on another blog because I got caught in the frenzy of preparing for a big writers’ conference. For the second year in a row I’m on staff, which I love! I am in charge of a program for first-time attendees, called The Buddy System. First-timers are matched with those who have attended before so they can have all of their questions and fears addressed before they arrive.

With the conference only a few days away, I have been throwing out a lot of advice. At the same time I’m recognizing that I need to take that same advice myself.

“Try not to arrive at the conference exhausted. If you can get some rest beforehand, do it. At least take it slow, knowing that once you arrive at Mount Hermon you’ll be running non-stop.”
But do I do this? Of course not! Between getting projects done ahead of time so I don’t have to worry about them at the conference, coordinating things like transportation and childcare, and conference prep, I’m running non-stop until I head out the door.

“Go with realistic expectation. Focus on learning instead of on selling an editor on your project.”
I was doing really well in this department until I got a rejection from an editor who was consider one of my book proposals and decided to take it to the conference.

This morning I am asking God to calm my heart and refocus my perspective. If I’m going to give advice, I better be taking it!


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