Thursday, October 01, 2009

Savor A Slow Burn

Emory Chance is suffocating in grief and guilt after the murder of her 13-year-old daughter Daisy. Why did Jed leave Daisy alone that day? How could anyone expect her to forgive him? While determined to find the killer, Emory fights the lifestyle that so often caused her to neglect Daisy, is haunted by memories of her lost daughter, and relived painful snapshots of her own loveless childhood. When disturbing intrusions jeopardize Emory’s safety, she finds a protector in Hixon Jones—a man who has vowed to keep her safe, show her the love of Jesus, and marry her. But can she accept his love, or the kindness of those who continue to reach out? Or will a long-hidden secret betrayal remove Hixon’s love, her community’s support, and any hope of healing?

A Slow Burn, Book Two in the Defiance Texas Trilogy, continues the story of a small town’s secrets and devastating loss. This sequel to Daisy Chain delves into a mother’s remorse and regret, a community’s attempts to forgive, and one man’s sacrificial love. Like all of Mary DeMuth’s books A Slow Burn is haunting and at times upsetting, but beautifully written and flowing with God’s grace. Emory Chance is woman who has failed miserably but so needs compassion—one that you want to shake one minute and comfort the next. Hixon models the devotion of Christ that she longs for but can’t seem to embrace. Like Daisy Chain, this novel does not wrap itself up in easy answers. It did, however, leave me all the more eager for Book Three.

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