Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Great Summer Reads!

Having kids home from school for the summer, repeated trips to the ER with my husband, and a stack of assignments (thank you, God) may have kept me from blogging but it hasn’t prevented me from reading. Here are two that I have loved recently. Check out my reviews on Amazon!

Things Left Unspoken
Eva Marie Everson
Jo-Lynn Hunter accepts an offer to remodel her great-aunt’s house, in hopes of taking a break from her strained marriage. As the overhaul grows into an upgrade of the entire town of Cottonwood, GA, Jo-Lynn unearths long-buried family secrets.

This book made me want to pack up and move to the south so I could find a “Big House” to explore. Eva Marie Everson creates a cast of characters that left me wondering if I was reading a book or watching a movie.

Through the Fire
Shawn Grady
Aiden O’Neill has a sixth sense for fighting fires. When a reckless move almost costs a rookie his life, Aiden begins to question everything—until a series of fires sweeps through the city of Reno. Could the arson hold the answer to his father’s tragic death?

Debut novelist Shawn Grady is Reno firefighter and paramedic with a gift for drawing the reader right into the fire!

Both books can be found on Amazon, Christianbooks.com, or your local bookstore.


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