Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Do I Sound Older?

Yesterday my son Nathan turned eight. “I can’t believe it” would be an understatement.

It’s so interesting how differently children respond to birthdays compared to adults. While getting ready to head for school (with cupcakes for his class, of course), Nathan asked, “Mom, do I sound different today than I did last night?”

“Do you mean, do you sound older?”


To be honest, his voice sounded pretty much the same as it had when I tucked him in the night before. But I knew it mean everything to him to hear that he’d matured overnight. So I said, “You know, you did sound awfully grown up while talking to Grandma over the phone this morning. So I’d say yes, you sound eight today for sure!”

He walked out the door a happy boy. He not only was eight but he also sounded eight! He was older!

I, on the other hand, want birthdays to come and go with no reminders or indications that I’m older. I don’t want to sound older. I definitely don’t want to look older! However, my talk with Nathan clued me in to something. Shouldn’t I want to show some signs of growing up as time passes?

If I am growing in my walk with God, learning from mistakes, keeping active physically, mentally, and socially then I will change, and those changes will be good. Maybe I have something to learn from my son’s eagerness to “sound older.” Hopefully, I do too!

Lord, as another birthday approaches for me, may I desire for others to see some signs of maturity. I still don’t want to look older, but I do pray that I sound and act more grown up in You.


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