Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Nothing to Say

Blogging is on my calendar for today. One problem: I have nothing to say. It’s not that I don’t want to write; it’s that life has zapped my creativity. I can’t go into detail, just that it’s something that I expected to over the worst of by now. When we were in the throes of surgeries and medical bills and underemployment I still had something to say. I could share what God was teaching me, confess frustrations that others might be able to relate to, prove that I had a sense of humor through it all. But this is different. Sharing what God is teaching me through this particular trial would mean revealing it, or at least enough to invite speculation. While many can probably relate I wish desperately that I couldn’t. And as far as having a sense of humor about it all, well, I have a feeling that laughing this one off would be considered rather tacky.

So that’s why today, I seem to have nothing to say. No wait, scratch that. Maybe I do have one thing. God did teach me something that does not require overtransparency. When I have nothing to say (or just feel that way), God still has plenty to say to me. He has given me wisdom and reminders of His faithfulness through His Word and through precious friends. He has led me to truth (not always truth that I want to know about) and helped me uncover lies. Maybe we are supposed to have these nothing to say days now and then in order to hear what He needs to tell us.

God, thank you, that communication with you does not depend on the state of my mind or heart or creativity level. In fact, I hear you best when I have nothing to say.



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