Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Who's Your Buddy?

This week I’m preparing for a big writer’s conference, where I coordinate a program call The Buddy System. Basically, I match those who have never attended this amazing but often overwhelming conference before, with someone who has. Each year I receive comments like . . .

“My buddy was perfect for me. We have so much in common!”

“The first-timer that you assigned me lives in the same town that I’m about to move to. How did you know?”

Some shared the same life challenges or health problems. Others just hit it off in a way that they didn’t expect.

The cool thing is that I don’t ask any questions about likes and dislikes, health problems, or even where they live. I ask for their name, e-mail address, writing interests, and conference goals. Then I pray as I make assignments. So in many ways,
God chooses each first-timer’s buddy.

I assigned a first-timer to myself a few years ago without know much about her. She has become a precious friend. As it turns out, she is also friends with one of my cousins.

This has become my yearly reminder of God’s hand in our relationships. He knows who He wants us to meet, encourage, and gain from. But, we also need to put ourselves out there and be willing to connect with people. First-timers must sign up for the Buddy System just as we need to leave our homes and get involved in activities in order to make friends.

Think of some people that God has brought into your life through circumstances that left you pleasantly blown away. Thank Him for loving you enough to be actively involved in your everyday life, including choosing your buddies.


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