Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Week Off

These are pictures from last summer's trip to the family cabin in Sugar Pine. See how relaxed everyone looks? Well, except for the picture of Dad cleaning fish; Nathan looks pretty grossed out there.

Notice that I'm not in any of the shots above. That's because Mom is always the one taking the pictures.

Tomorrow, we are headed back to the cabin for an entire week, which is why I won't be blogging this coming Wednesday like I usually do. The only person missing is Christian, who has to work (insert sad face here).

My family has been going to the cabin since my parents, Dad's siblings, and their parents built it in the mid-70's, and the rosewood paneling on the walls reflects that. The decor includes mismatched furniture, an oil-on-velvet painting of a mountain lion that freaked us kids out when we were little, and a chandelier that Grandma bought at a garage sale that apparently inspired the building of the cabin. (Instead of buying a light fixture to go with the cabin, we built a cabin to go with the light fixture; that's the way it's done in my family.) My childhood is filled with memories of playing Little House on the Prairie around the tree in the side lot, going to Columbia State Park where we had picnics at the schoolhouse and could not leave without a trip to The Candy Kitchen, and fishing at Pine Crest Lake. If we got bored, we looked through a set of children's encyclopedias from the 1950's, Time Life books about the Old West, and Dad's yearbooks. (Those kept us in stitches for hours on end.)

Now my sisters and I are creating those memories for our kids. We have boys, except for poor Haley, the lone girl, so they do more sword fighting in the back yard than playing Little House, but we still can't leave Columbia without a trip to that candy store, and those yearbooks are providing laughs for the next generation. (The truth? Kristy and I do most of the laughing. I'm sorry, but what were they thinking with those '60's hairdos?)

We thank God constantly for providing this wonderful get-away spot. We could care less if the kitchen counter looks like it belongs in an episode of The Brady Bunch, showers must be announced to avoid being scalded if someone happens to run water or flush the toilet, and we have no idea what is living in the dungeon downstairs. (Dungeon sounds so much cooler than crawl space where we store sleds in winter and inner tubes in summer.) It's the cabin, where tacky, dirty, Christmas mugs in August, and wondering if we will find out that the bathroom floor needs replacing when someone falls through it is half the fun.  

So that's where I'll be on Wednesday when I'm not blogging. I promise to include pictures in my post-vacation post.

Happy Summer!

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