Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The other day I deleted an app from my homepage that keeps me updated on one of my favorite blogs. I didn’t suddenly stop enjoying in. In fact, I was enjoying it a bit too much. Whenever I went online to check e-mail my eyes wandered over to the left side of the screen. She updates it daily, sometimes several times, with informative articles, exciting news about her kids, links to inspirational music, news, and devotionals. If I miss a day I miss a lot. But it also takes me away from writing projects, my family, and other responsibilities. A day earlier my son told me that he’d deleted his Facebook account because it was too distracting. If a 19-year-old who is on spring break and has some extra time to waste can be responsible enough to permanently delete Facebook then I could remove an app knowing that I’m still free to visit the blog. My plan? I’ll catch up with my blogging friend on Saturday mornings. And you know what? I’m still fighting distractions.

It’s amazing how much of my day is consumed by distractions: E-mail, blogs, Facebook, E-mail again . . . how much more would I accomplish if I stayed offline for a day and stuck to my original to-do list? Is this how God wants me to spend my precious hours?

Maybe I’ll see what happens if I eliminate online activity for one day (not counting Sunday when I usually keep the computer off).

God, show me a day when I can take this challenge. Reveal the benefits so I see the need to do it more often.

I look forward to sharing the results.


Blogger That Crazy Family said...

Beautiful and something I think we all need to hear! I am thrilled to have found your blog!

7:56 AM  
Blogger Mary DeMuth said...

I am far too distracted too, Jeanette!

Thank you in advance for reading and reviewing Life in Defiance for the blog tour this week. I really appreciate it! I'm going to be out of town for a few days, so I thought I would say thank you early!

With joy and thanks,
Mary DeMuth

9:54 AM  

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