Wednesday, July 03, 2013

"The Best Week Ever"

Here is a picture of our famous cabin:

Isn't it cute?

Mom, Dad, Kristy and her kids, and Nate and I are still coming down from what we all agreed was one of the best weeks we have ever spent at the cabin. We went from one weather extreme to another (rain on Days 1 and 2 then ending our week in the 100's), but decided in advance not to let rain or heat spoil our fun. It was one of those weeks when we just enjoyed being there away from work, the constant pressure to be on the computer, and reality in general. On those two rainy days, we enjoyed the relaxation of hunkering down (I don't think I have ever used the term hunker before) with beads, Shrinky Dinks and Play Dough. When we went fishing, each kid caught at least one fish. We met a cousin for dinner, took our traditional trips to Columbia, Cover's Apple Ranch and The Sugar Shack, played Ping Pong, rode the train in Jamestown for Mom's birthday, played mini golf, watched the original version of The Parent Trap for the hundredth time, and discovered a great ice cream and lunch shop with the coolest name in the world--Here's the Scoop--that has probably been in Jamestown forever but was new to us. We loved it so much that we ate there twice. It was one of those weeks that we didn't want to end and still feel refreshed for taking.

It continues to amaze me how God can use the same old cabin to enrich our lives year after year. It doesn't matter if we do the same stuff, discover new treasures, or get a lovely combination of both; it's our special spot, filled with memories where we are also creating fresh ones. We are all determined to go back at least one more time this summer, but if last week is all we get, I will be satisfied, because it was perfect.

Now, I will take this opportunity to share a few highlights as promised. (Don't you just love looking at other people's vacation photos, featuring people we don't know and places you didn't experience? Oh, I know, there's nothin' better.)

 Rainy Day Crafts

Fresh from Cover's - The Best Pie in the Universe 

Nate the Great, my handsome boy

(Nathan (aka Nate), Haley, Kai, Devon)

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Proof that I was on the trip too

Who will be next to write in the cabin journal? 

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